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Gas Station Pressure Washing & Cleaning in Baton Rouge

Gas Station Pressure Washing & Cleaning in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge has lots of busy roads with many cars. These cars stop at gas stations to fill up. But sometimes, gas stations get dirty with oil and other spills. So, they need to be cleaned up well to make them look nice and safe again. Our team helped clean one of these gas stations recently.

First, we looked around to see where the biggest messes were. We found many oil spots that were tough to clean. To clean these tough spots, we used a super-strong cleaner called 'Dynamite Degreaser'. After putting on the cleaner, we used a machine that sprays water really hard to wash everything away. The gas station looked shiny and new after we were done! The person who owned the gas station was very happy because it looked clean and was safer for people to walk around. We're glad we could help make Baton Rouge a little cleaner!

Service provided: Commercial Pressure Washing

Budget: $500

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

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Products Used

Dynamite Degreaser, Whisper Wash Surface Cleaner, Batch Buster Metering Valve